The 5 W’s of GGG

Greetings all you fine folks in/on the interwebs. Seeing as this journey is just starting out, I’ve decided to introduce myself so that you’ll know me as a little more than TriG or GGG.

Shall we begin? Who, what, where, when, and why is Gamer Guru Girl?



Technically speaking, I am the sum of the following three things:

Gamer: I play table top RPGs, board games, trading card games, & video games (hand-held and PC mostly).

Guru: I am an English educator & literary analyst extraordinaire.

Girl: I happened to be born with two X Chromosomes.



I’ll be pitching critical reviews and candid opinions about the things I’m playing.

Playing what, you ask? Well, this chronicle will mostly review and commentate on indie and mainstream PC games, 3DS games, and tabletop roleplaying systems, though I’m open to reviewing any sort of product or service that would interest gamers, nerds, and/or geeks.



As I finish games, or, experience the ones that are ongoing, you can plan seeing new content posted. I can’t guarantee a standard time stamp and date because as a teacher, I’m frequently grading hundreds of papers; but, that being said, gaming is one of my passions and hobbies, so, I WILL be playing.



Doesn’t matter, right? But, if you’re curious, I’m from the East Coast of the U.S.A.



It’s more than the sum of three things; those merely make the name. I wanted to explore the IMPACT of game culture: the story-lines, the artistic implications, and the mere overall, sometimes meditative, sometimes adrenaline surging, experience of playing.

As a teacher, my students often balk at me when I tell them I game. Why not game? Why are games often thought of as being for “lazy people” or “couch potatoes”? Why can they not be an intellectually stimulating place of growth, enjoyment, and art? This blog will strive to highlight the best games offer as far as artistic beauty and expanding minds


I hope you enjoy, and if you’re ever curious, I’m happy to write on a specific topic!



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