TriG Review: Portal 2

That was fun. I just beat Portal 2 and although some people liked the original title Portal better, I have got to say I am not one of them. Don’t get me wrong, Portal is a damn classic, but, Portal 2 was longer, harder, and actually had some story to it.

TLDR Version: Awesome variety and length to this game makes it totally worth playing.

It took me about 10 hours to beat the single player campaign of Portal 2. I haven’t played the co-op since I currently have no one to play with (anyone?), but ultimately, this means that the sequel game has a lot more gameplay to it than the original. Although at times the single player felt like it was dragging just a tad, the variety in the puzzles kept me coming back. It incorporated a ton of new features like blue bouncy goo, portal surface goo, and speedy goo (I’m making up those names myself, mind you). It also had beams and walkways you could manipulate, along with all the old features like buttons, launch pads, and so on.

TLDR Version: This game was HARD sometimes, but I’m also bad at science. Still, I loved it.

The challenge level of Portal 2 forced me to look at a walkthrough a total of three times. I’d usually read a sentence or two and what I needed to do would quickly click. I don’t mind having to look at a walkthrough for this sort of game once in a while because despite my level of education, I am NOT a physics minded person, nor am I a spatial genius. Because of this fact, my ability to solve 90% of the puzzles left me feeling quite satisfied. I loved the puzzles in this game.

Just when I’d had enough puzzles, I had to run for a while and navigate through the AWESOMELY huge structure of Aperture Science. It’s massive. I’m thinking like, bigger than – well – some cities probably. The scope of the sheer size of the facility was a breathtaking touch I loved about this game.

The storyline – well, Portal didn’t really have one other than GLaDOS wants to kill you, but 2 takes a whole new spin. It adds a core robot named Wheatley who is your companion. Although you get separated for a time, he links back up with you in order to help you escape the clutches of GLaDOS, who, SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t played the original, survived the first game. Wheatley is a cool dude who brings in tons of personality and a chipper attitude to contrast with the other’s constantly dark sarcasm. It’s a great dynamic.

There are many twists and turns include “surprises,” an awesome end game battle, and a post credit song and scene that had me covering my mouth in a fit of laughter. This is one worth playing, even if you need to use the occasional walkthrough like me.

Play this game if: You were a fan of Portal; love puzzle games; enjoy physics; enjoy witty banter, sarcasm, and dark humor.

Don’t play this game if: Physics makes your head explode; the idea of Portal with a slight story makes you ill; you don’t have time.

TriG’s Overall Rating: 9/10, only because I felt it dragged the slightest bit sometimes.


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